Contact/Mission Statement

You may ask why, in these times of e-readers, blogs, and streaming audio, we pour attention into a printed magazine, which can only be delivered to your mailbox by a method still threatened by snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night. Musicians, after all, are among the most tech-savvy people around. But musicians still get excited by sounds made from fingers stopping strings, covering holes, pressing keys, pushing valves, or delicately balancing wood; in short, they are a tactile bunch, and so while words are meant to be read they are also meant to be underlined, circled, scribbled over and snipped. So New Music Connoisseur will continue to be something you can stuff into a backpack or guitar case and carry onto a subway, airplane or a park bench.

I hope you like what you see and read in these pages. If you do, the best way to show it is by subscribing, or if already a subscriber, by renewing your subscription. Our hope is that NMC’s coverage and readership will grow many times over, that it will appear more frequently than twice a year, and that it will still be around when the music covered in these pages no longer deserves to be called new.

We are sorry to say that we were not able to attract enough subscribers, advertisers (or patrons for that matter), and so were forced to cease publication.

New Music Connoisseur